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Presenting to you the Best Online learning platform you'll ever need for your child to be fully investing in their learning journey. With Interval's Online learning platform helping your child every step of the way, you can experience change within your child in a matter of days. Our Online learning platform effectively includes foundational courses as well as level-based courses that not only help aid in foundational issues in their studies but also help them stay ahead of the curve.

Our experts behind the scenes ensure a carefully crafted learning journey, knowledge, and learning skill development that truly matters. Hence, Interval's online learning platform is all about adaptive changes and personalization.

At Interval, we provide the following:

  • One teacher for a student concept
  • Blended model of online tutoring
  • Individualized online class
  • Live doubt solving
  • Constant progress tracking
  • Tight evaluations

Together all these things ensure a proper breeding ground for excellent academic as well as student personal progress!

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Interval Journey

The Complete RoadMap

8 Make the Interval Journey, a complete guide to personalised learning. We eliminate barriers from assessment to customised courses for effective education. With user interactive tools, adjustable schedules and global availability, our online platform provides and ensures a unique and enriching academic experience.

  • 1
    Assessment Test

    Students will be subjected to an assessment test.

  • 2

    Students will undergo an evaluation process.

  • 3
    Course Selection

    Expert guidance to pick an apt course.

  • 4

    Remove all obstacles in the learning process.

Personalized online education to deliver the best in kerala

Personalized Online education is not simply a chain of online classes and a few bland instructions that fail to catch our attention instead online education bridges the gap between knowledge and accessibility. At Interval, our philosophy is to deliver education that is tailored to meet every child for their best.

At Interval, we provide:

Personalized Plans
Personalized Plans

We curate plans for your child that rightfully serve outcomes unique to their need. Each child's learning journey is curated by experts who know how learning can be made better.

Personalized Plans
Customizable pricing
Customizable pricing

You only pay for what you need, with no extra charges or hidden charges. You will be charged for the services that you need and thus the price will also differ making it easy to afford us.

Customizable pricing
Weak area focus
Weak area focus

We provide special care to address the weak points from the get-go, from the first session till the last our first priority will be to provide satisfaction in conquering the child's weak areas.

Weak area focus
Subject-based coverage
Subject-based coverage

For every subject that you face difficulty in we have lined up subject matter experts who know how to arrange the student's subject-conquering journey.

Subject-based coverage
Anytime tutor support
Anytime tutor support

Our tutors are available for your child to help with any kind of confusion doubts and even exam-related anxiety to help your child lead with confidence.

Anytime tutor support
Student monitoring
Student monitoring

each student is monitored with every little detail after each session gathering secure and complete data that allows us to inform you on your child's progress and the necessary next steps to take.

Student monitoring
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One of the best Online Tutoring Platform in kerala that does it all

Interval is the only platform that unapologetically offers a learning experience where all your child's educational needs are effectively addressed and makes sure your child feels well equipped to handle any sort of academic challenge with ease and confidence building that happens on a gradual basis with strict betterment on quality.

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