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"Interval coincides with a dream to make education more accessible and effective. At Interval, we aim to make a difference that shows no matter what."

Interval is a little bit different!

Interval is completely personalized in a way that it doesn't follow a one time structure. Interval is completely dependent on the need provided by the students. at interval it's learners journey to realizing what they are good at and what they do best and with team of experts who ensure this on a broader level you can see a change that truly counts.

With over 5000+ active students and 30,000 plus overall enrollments we are growing every day with a renewed sense of purpose as we find ourselves helping and aiding students who are brilliant learners if they are given the right instructions. the most brilliant part about our teacher community and our expertise faculty is that we had dedicated professional to handle a task and impart necessary upgrades.

At Interval we embark on superiority by admitting to being true to our mission and vision to give education that stays at it's unhinged best. with over 5000 tutors and 5+ courses targeting academics from every age group and grade and helping students build prowess from where they felt themselves to have let off.

Personalized learning is bound to become the level best upgrade as interval notoriously pursues personalization that never compromises on education.

Journey Of Our Growth
Our CEO's Message

"Education is meant to be adapt to the needs of a student and not the other way around"

In my long tryst with going against the traditional perspective on education, I've come believe that our current method, model and habit associated with learning and teaching has become unbelievably bland and tone deaf to a point where it longer does any good.

Taking into consideration these issue's in mind, we've been able to craft a learning platform that adapts to the needs of our students and learners who need it the most. we aim to bridge the gap between student and learning by becoming the link where better teaching and learning begins.

Interval see's itself as not just a regular medium or platform but an all in all realm which doesn't hold back in being notoriously personalized.

Ramees Ali C.K

CEO, Team Interval

Our Beloved

Najim Illyas

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)


Najim Illyas

“More than just heading an exponentially growing corporation, I realize that interval distinguishes itself from the ordinary lack-luster to actually re-introducing education"


Aslah Thadathil

Chief Growth Officer (CGO)


Aslah Thadathil

“We find growth as a formidable pointer to showing us the path where our services improve and more so how we truly embark on change"


Rahul Raghav

Chief Operations Officer (COO)


Rahul Raghav

“Our strategy is simple, we focus on the quality while refining the quantity of manpower at our disposal, it’s more a marathon than a sprint"



Chief People Officer (CPO)



“We are not ready to give up on education even if it seems bleak at times. At Interval, we have sworn to show a different side of education that does more than just basic rote learning or basic presentational teaching, here we make the word knowledge feel as realistically sane as possible."


Razal Rahman

Chief Creative Officer (CCO)


Razal Rahman

“Through every little thing that we convey, we are not trying to attract but to make you realize what it is that goes into our vision and not just a corporate showdown on screen."

Empowering Futures
Our Mission and Vision

A world where education adapts to each learners unique needs and aspirations


Making Quality Education Accessible, Personalised and Effective, Nurturing a Lifelong Passion for Learning and Fostering Versatile Skills.


Empathy, Empowerment, Explore

The way we grow
Our Complete Journey
2018- NOV
Launched Idea with an offline centre in Central Kerala
2021 - JAN
Incorporated & Launched Online Platform
2021 - May
Expanded Operations to GCC
2022 - Feb
Launched New Products
2022 - Oct
Expanded Market to 30+ Countries
2023 - Jan
Recognised by Kerala Startup Mission as Top Emerging Startup
2023 - June
Selected for Elevate program by Consulate General of India, Dubai
2023 - Aug
Selected as Sole Representative from India to attend ‘Talent Boost’ in Finland.
2023 - Oct
Selected by TBDC to Soft Land in Toronto,Canada
2023 - Dec
Inaugurated 30,000 sqft Corporate Office in Kerala by 250+ employees
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